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A Good Ending-Part 1


No one likes to think about dying but taking steps to organize your affairs will give you and your family peace of mind now and when you pass (or even if you are just very sick).  Here are three simple documents you can complete this week so your loved ones can carry out your wishes should you be unable to.

A  Power of Attorney For Your Finances

With this form you assigns an agent (usually a family member) to manage your finances and legal affairs.

A  Power of Attorney for Your Health Care (also known as Advance Directives)     

With this form you assign an agent (again, usually a family member) to make health care decisions on your behalf.

A Release-of-Information Form

This form gives doctors permission to share your medical records with appropriate parties.

Please call Zubkova Law for all your estate planning needs.  We are at (860) 376-3002 or send us at note.



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